Case Study Zaposta

One website
with a split design

From the initial mockup it was clear I had to split the design into two, color themed and tailor each design for it's purpose. Below you will find the first mockups I've done on the project, for the homepage, shopping page and shipping page.

For Shopping

The shopping page is blue themed and has a general shopping websites grid and search bar. Additionally I've also designed and coded the Shipping Orders page with it's own Booking Order Process.

For Shipping

This shipping page follows a green theme has the same layout as the previous shooping page, but it adds new features in the Shipment Order tracking as well as a different Booking Shipment Process.

Partner Network

On the backend side, to manage all the orders, clients and packages I've also designed and coded an admin dashboard and a standalone page to showcase it's features.

The App

Integrating both shipping and shopping features into one single App was not easy, but I've managed it with a shared layout for the majority of the pages and a disctinct theming for specific pages.