In line with the crowdfunding campaign, I did a clean and “eco” focused web design for a revolutionary product

Understanding the Project

zeAC or "Zero Electic Air Conditioner" wanted to innovate in the home cooling market by introducing a zero energy cooler that uses plant power to work. The project required an initial funding campaign design, followed by a landing page website and an online shop to sell the product once the campaign got funded.

From funding to seles. The goal for this project was to design a successfull funding campaign and then a landing page to drive preorders.

My Design Approach

Clean, fresh and innovative. This is how I designed the brand identity for zeAC and then the landing page and shop pages.

Using bold colors,
I've created an "eco" brand identity

The logo symbolizes the cooling feature of the product, while hinting at it's eco nature by using a bold green main color

The Funding Campaign

The first milestone was to desgin an awesome campaign to showcase the product and create a buzz!

Custom Wordpress Integration

I build the website using Wordpress on the latest PHP version 7.1, using custom plugins like Advanced Custom Fields, Ninja Forms, Visual Portfolio and many more.

This helps the client user experience in the Dashboard when editing the content, images, backgrounds and links.