One Man Studio,
Still enough pixels

My name is Rosu Octavian, web designer from Cluj-Napoca working at my own studio company. I love simplicity in everything and I try to craft beautiful and clean
websites, mobile applications and user interfaces.

Selected Work

I've worked on over 20 individual web design and development projects during my 4 years of activity at my own studio. Here are a few individual case studies from my curated portfolio:

Campaign, WebsiteZEAC

In line with the crowdfunding campaign, I did a clean and "eco" focused web design for a revolutionary product, Zero Electric Air Conditioner.

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Website, ecommerceCRETOROM

Clean ecommerce website for a chalk manufacturing company based on the woocommerce module, integrated with the relevant oder, checkout and delivery options.

In Development

Web App, WebsiteSOKOHALI

Clean and lightweight website for an international delivery service company with a strong Ordering Management System designed to be the standalone "client" web app.

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Mobile App, WebsiteZAPOSTA

Focused on international shipping and shopping, website has a split design layout and a mobile app integration with a similar theme.

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Engineering3D RENDERS

CAD design projects that I've done for my mechanical engineering courses, during my university years.

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